Thursday, January 29, 2009

Mushroom Truffled Risotto...and a little experiment

So for the most part, Joe loves my cooking (I think!) and I know is super grateful that I take the time and effort to make nice meals for him.

However, I know as soon as I've crossed the line for "too fancy". It usually ends in me loving what I made and Joe saying "Mel, you know I'm just a meat and potatoes guy". Sometimes I think that he makes up his mind before he tries it, so I've been trying to not tell him too much about the dish first, to see if he'll give it a fair shake (see my
whole wheat spaghetti experiment).

For our New Year's Eve party, I made Truffled Mushroom Pasta, that I thought was divine, but he didn't like. I was convinced that as soon as he heard there was truffle oil in it, he decided not to even give it a chance.

So the other night I made Mushroom Risotto and wanted to add truffle oil since I paid $15 for the damn bottle of it. I make mushroom risotto all the time and he usually loves it. I didn't tell him that there was truffle oil in it to see if he even noticed.

Well, experiment = FAIL.

He really didn't like it! Oh well, now I know he doesn't like truffle oil for sure. I just hope he's not too afraid to eat my mushroom risotto again. For the record, I thought it was delicious, if you like the taste of truffles!

The recipe I used is based off of my b
asic risotto recipe, and just add about a half a tsp of truffle oil.


  1. Gasp! He didn't like it?! Oh well, more truffle oil for you! :) Sounds delicious either way :)

  2. I think it sounds delicious, but my husband would probably be with yours. For some reason, he's not a big fan of mushroom risotto while I can't get enough. Oh well. Don't consider it failed - just a difference in palattes!